Our Leaders

Mark Neita – President
David Wong – 1st Vice President...
Glendon Newsome – 2nd Vice President
Neil Reese – Secretary
Roy Porter – Treasurer
James Stewart – Club Captain

Laurence Crichton - Committee Member
Charles Simms - Committee Member
Richard Bowen - Committee Member
Robert Wright - Committee Member
Errol Dacosta - Committee Member


Our Mission


The Melbourne Cricket Club is a private organization dedicated to promoting the game of Cricket and actively playing a role in the development of cricketers. Our main emphasis is maintaining an environment that is conducive to success, while ensuring our club's history and legacy are enriched and respected.


Our Values

Giving an opportunity to all interested in playing the wonderful game of cricket. We will play the game of cricket to the best of our abilities, with respect and in the true spirit in which the game was intended to be played.

Our organization endeavors to operate on the values of honesty and transparency. We will strive to maintain a high level of cultural diversity by attracting members from all ethnic backgrounds.

These values drive everything we set out to do, from cricket, to community outreach programs and to our strategic efforts to maintain the rich history of our Club.

Our Vision

Attract young talent while nurturing their cricket development to achieve the highest competitive standard of cricket in Jamaica and the West Indies and to encourage young talent by giving them opportunities, environment and facilities to support the game of cricket at all levels.